Wooden Crates

When transporting fragile and valuable cargo, you want peace of mind. The safety and security of your product is our top priority.

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Custom Wooden Crates Designed For YOU

There are a few factors we consider when designing and building your custom wooden crates.

  • Exact size requirements (please provide inside dimensions)

  • Amount of protection required

  • Weight handling capacity required

  • Fragility of the goods being transported

  • What is going inside the crate

Providing us with the above information will expedite the design process.

Contact Toronto Pallet Solutions and we will design custom wooden crates that protect your goods and your budget.

We help you design the wooden crates you need

Custom wooden crates protect the contents from environmental elements and damage during shipment. You don’t want to cut corners here. The cheapest solution is often not the best solution. Off-the-shelf wooden crates don’t address your particular requirements and if the wooden crate fails, the consequences are costly.

All of our wooden crates are heat treated according to ISPM 15 regulations so you can ship anywhere in the world.

Need help with better and more cost effective logistics and warehousing solutions? We are experts!

Get your wooden crates from the experts

All of our wooden crates are manufactured with new, high quality lumber to ensure your valuable goods are well protected. 

Need dunnage? Just let us know the size and quantity. We’ll ship the dunnage with your wooden crates. Super simple one-stop shopping.

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Monday - Friday : 9:00 - 17:00 Hrs
Some weekend delivery spots available.

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