What Kind of Wood Are Pallets Made Of ?

What Kind of Wood Are Pallets Made Of

We are frequently asked about the types of wood used in the Canadian pallet manufacturing industry. The three categories of wood are;

High Density Hardwood

Low Density Hardwood


If your weight carrying capacity requirement is significant, we would recommend using hardwood for strength and durability. Quite often Aspen will do the trick.

Most customers’ needs are met with a softwood pallet as these can be configured to handle the majority of loads. You will commonly see softwood pallets referred to as SPF softwood pallets. SPF stands for spruce, pine, fir as softwood pallets in Ontario are typically made from a combination of those three woods.

When consulting with clients to determine what kind of wood is best for their pallet needs, we always ask what the maximum load weight will be, how the wooden pallets will be racked and stacked, and if they are being used in-house or for shipping. Another consideration is the potential for mold growth. Hardwood pallets hold more moisture so the more humid the surrounding environment, the greater the chance of hardwood pallets growing fungus. The answers to these questions will determine what kind of wood we use to manufacture your pallets.

It’s important that you pallet supplier is an expert in the field and asks the right questions. If you’re not getting asked the right questions, you might end up with a pallet which is not suitable for your purposes.

Please let us know if you have any further questions about what kind of wood are pallets made of . We will do our best to get you the information you require promptly.