Used Pallets

We carry grade 1 & grade 2 48x40 used pallets. We can also manufacture many custom sizes using recycled lumber.

Used Pallets

The most common sizes of used pallets are 48″ length by 40″ width and 48″ by 48″ but other sizes of used wooden pallets are also available.

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It's important to consider alternatives to used pallets

It is important to keep in mind that supply availability for grade 1 used pallets and grade 2 used pallets depends on how many new wood pallets are circulating at any given time.

In the past few years, we have seen the market dry up in the Greater Toronto Area several times and the resulting used wooden pallet shortage begins to affect the businesses who rely on the market supply.

Because of this, flexibility is paramount. Being prepared with a new pallet alternative will ensure your supply chain isn’t disrupted when shortages in the used wooden pallet market occur.

What Are The Different Types of Used Pallets?

4-Way Stringer

Used Pallets

4 way stringer pallets have notched stringer boards. The notches allow the pallets to be lifted from all 4 sides with a fork lift. A pump truck can only be used to lift the pallet from the 2 ends.

2-Way Stringer

Used Pallets

2 way stringer pallets have solid stringer boards. These pallets can be lifted at the two ends using a fork lift or pump truck. Because the stringers are solid, they tend to be sturdier than 4-way pallets.

Block Base

Used Pallets

Block pallets have hardwood blocks instead of stringers as the base. These can be lifted from all 4 sides with a fork lift or pump truck. If you only have a pump truck, you need these.

What Are The Different Grades of Used Pallets?

Grade 1 Recycled Pallets

Grade 1 used pallets are generally cleaner. Grade 1 used pallets have no plugs or block repairs on the stringers. If any stringers have been damaged, metal plates are used to repair or replace the damaged stringer. Damaged deck boards are replaced. GMA grade 1 used pallets have 7 top boards and 5 bottom boards. The top and bottom lead boards are 6″ (5.5″ once cut).

Grade 2 Recycled Pallets

Grade 2 used pallets are not as clean and pleasing to the eye as Grade 1 used pallets. There might be block repairs or plugs on the stringers. The top and bottom deck boards can vary in numbers and widths because grade 2 used pallets have been repaired many times.

Recycled Euro Pallets

Wooden Euro pallets are, as the name suggests, manufactured in Europe. Many of the wooden Euro pallets which originate in Europe make their way to Canada. 

Standard Euro Size

A standard Euro pallet measures: Length: 800 mm Width: 1200 mm Height: 144 mm Euro pallet weight: approx. 25 kg Safe working load: 1500 kg Max additional load: 4000 kg when stacking

Additional Information

A Euro pallet has 9 blocks as its base and the corners of the pallet are beveled. They have an EPAL and heat treat stamp. If you are shipping to Europe, you might be required to use an authentic EPAL Euro pallet. Toronto Pallet Solutions carries wooden Euro pallets. Please contact us for pricing and availability.