Pallet Recycling

Pallet recycling demonstrates your commitment to our planet. It shows your customers you practice environmental responsibility. Green initiatives are important.

Implement a pallet recycling program today !

Our Ontario pallet recycling services

We Buy Your Pallets

Do you have a minimum of 50 48x40 pallets you need picked up? We pay great rebates on good quality 48x40 pallets! Call us for pallet recycling services.

Free Pallet Pickup

We can offer a free pallet pickup if you have between 30-50 48x40 good condition pallets. We can't remove scrap pallets for free.

Junk/Scrap Removal

If you have odd size wood pallets, garbage or scrap of any kind, send us pictures and we will provide a quote for cleanup and disposal.

Pallet Recycling Makes a Positive Impact on the Environment

Toronto Pallet Solutions is committed to preventing pallets from ending up in landfills. With our pallet recycling programs, you have the opportunity to play an integral role in driving environmental responsibility and sustainability.
Janet Morningstar
Janet Morningstar
Vice President


Most frequent pallet recycling questions and answers

Warehouse space is valuable and each square foot needs to be utilized appropriately. Standard 48×40 pallets make up the majority of the pallet market. The demand is constantly growing. We know we can move 48×40 pallets out the door quickly after sorting and repairing. We can’t keep stale inventory on the floor, taking up warehouse space.

Odd size pallets are not kept in inventory. Unless we can use the wood for stripping material, there is no value. Anything we can’t use is brought to a mulchers and we are charged by weight. There are costs involved in pallet recycling. These costs are; labour including the driver’s fee, the use of the truck which has to be accounted for, gas and disposal.

We can drop an empty 53ft trailer at your premises if your unwanted pallet volume warrants it. If at least 80% are standard size 48×40 pallets, we can offer rebates on those and take care of the remaining 20% scrap free of charge. If most of the unwanted pallets are scrap/odd size pallets, there will be a charge for the pallet recycling service.

If you have enough 48x40s to provide enough value for us, we will remove some scrap for free. If we are also removing scrap, we usually pay a bit less for the standard 48×40 pallets to offset the scrap disposal. In instances where there are only a small handful of 48×40 pallets & scrap as well, we won’t be able to provide rebates and there might even be a charge.