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Most frequent questions and answers

A stringer pallet has 2x4s that run the length of the pallet while a block pallet is supported by hardwood blocks.

Pallets measurements are length x width. The length refers to the direction the stringers are running

If you are shipping goods outside of the US and Canada, you will need to purchase IPPC ISPM 15 heat treated pallets. This is to prevent the spread of pests globally.

When shipping to the US from Canada, wood packaging needs to be free from pests and be produced in Canada or the US to pass through customs without IPPC ISPM 15 certification.

If both of the above cannot be verified, you should have your wood pallets heat treated and stamped with the IPPC ISPM 15 heat treated mark.

Pallets can be made in an endless array of sizes and specifications to fit your exact requirements.

Ordering the precise size you need will eliminate unnecessary freight charges from your carrier.

The most common pallet size is 48″ length by 40″ width. This pallet size is popular primarily for efficiency.

At Toronto Pallet Solutions, we want to create a pallet that suits your needs perfectly. No more. No less.

Please contact us with the following information and, using PDS software, we will design a pallet specific to your businesses’ requirements.

  • The size of the pallet (length x width)

  • The weight capacity required

  • How many inches between top boards

  • The destination country of your shipment

  • What you are putting on the pallet

  • 4-way access or 2 way access

  • block or stringer configuration

A pallet has top boards, bottom boards and stringers while a skid has top boards and stringers. There are no bottom boards on a skid.

If you have a good lift truck operator loading a 53’ trailer, you can drive straight in 13 lifts per side x 20 pallet high for a total of 520 pallets. If the pallets are not well palletized then we are talking about 24 lifts @20 per lift for a total of 480 pallets.

A standard Euro pallet is 31.50″ length by 47.24″ width.

Euro pallets’ measurements are most commonly referenced in mm. 800 mm by 1200 mm.

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