Custom Pallets

Watch the Pallet Design System video for more information on why you should choose a pallet supplier who uses this software to create your new custom pallets.

Sample PDS Sheet

PDS software puts together a design specification package comprised of about 8 pages. You can be confident the wooden custom pallets we have designed for you will fit your requirements to a tee.

We use PDS for custom pallets to reduce costs.

Using a pallet that is too big or too small can result in damages to your product.

If the pallet is too small, product will extend past the edges of the pallet allowing damage to occur. If the pallet is too big, the product on top can shift because it’s not adequately secured.

The problem might be noticed right away before the goods leave your facility but the damage might also occur during transport.

Ensure that your pallets are the right fit for the job by ordering custom pallets. It will save you money and peace of mind.

How PDS helps your business

PDS software to design custom pallets enables wood pallet manufacturers to assist their customers in:

  • significantly reducing costs

  • significantly reducing product damage

  • significantly increasing safety throughout the unit load handling system

Reduction in unit load handling costs increase profitability.

Pallet manufacturers produce the key component to successful unit load material handling – the pallet – the interface between the equipment, forces and impacts of the material handling environment and the customer’s valuable, sometimes fragile, unitized product. And PDS is the key tool in designing this key component.

**Information taken from Pallet Central’s website. The creative company behind the PDS software.

Improve product efficiency with custom pallets

Using custom pallets which have been specifically designed to work seamlessly with your machinery and/or assembly lines can minimize production equipment downtime and increase production speed and efficiency. 

Custom pallets play a vital role in businesses and it’s important to keep in mind the loss of profits you might incur by utilizing the wrong pallets. It’s not just about the initial cost of the pallet. Consider the bigger picture.

Increasing profitability. The answer might be laying right in front of you.

Strategic planning

Your job is to find a pallet supplier that delivers on their promises.   Our job is to make you look good to your boss and your clients.


Quality products start with quality materials. We purchase good quality lumber and components from reputable Canadian companies.


Communication means keeping you in the loop. Production and delivery timelines are discussed and updates relayed regularly.


A 98.5% on-time delivery record means you can count on your pallets to be there when you need them. In the rare case of a delay, we notify you immediately.