Wooden Pallets

Information about the wooden pallet industry in Canada. Answers many frequently asked questions in more detail.

GMA Pallet Diagram

What are GMA pallets ?

It’s important to understand what GMA pallets actually are because there are a few misconceptions surrounding this type of wooden pallet. GMA pallets have a very specific configuration which we will outline in detail.   #GMA stands for Grocery Manufacturers’ Association. The food industry recognized the need for a standardized pallet in order to reduce …

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48x40 Pallet Dimensions

Pallet Dimensions

There are no universally accepted standards for pallet dimensions. Therefore, it is imperative you have an idea of what size of pallet will work best for the product you are shipping. When determining pallet dimensions, the first measurement mentioned is the length and the second number is the width. The stringers run the length of …

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Pallet Diagram

The pallet diagrams below show the basic 3 pallet types. Pallets are manufactured according to a client’s needs and as such, size and configuration options are endless. We hope that these pallet diagrams will provide some insight as to the basic components of pallets but please keep in mind that the number of top deckboards, …

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Wooden Skid

Pallets vs Skids

The difference between pallets vs skids The pallets vs skids question comes up often with clients. The terms pallets and skids are often used interchangeably but there is a distinct difference between the two. So what is the difference between pallets vs skids?   Skids Skids have no bottom boards. They are comprised of top …

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